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Home Insurance

Home Insurance in Rochester, MN

Hassle free home insurance

Searching for home insurance can be a stressful experience. It’s difficult to know what all the lingo means, which coverage you need and that which can be skipped, and whether you’re paying too much. We’re here to help. We’ll shop around to find great homeowners insurance coverage & rates on your behalf and help explain what it all means. Contact us or request quotes to get started.

Home Insurance Coverage

Personal Liability Coverage Covers bodily injury or property damage to others for which you are at fault.

Damage to Home and Other Structures Covers your home and other structures on your property for physical damage.

Personal Property Coverage Covers your furniture, clothing, appliances, and other personal property items.

Valuable Property Coverage (Jewelry, Guns, etc.) Covers certain classes of personal property that have underlying limits on a standard home insurance policy.

Medical Payments Coverage Covers minor medical bills for guests that are injured on your property.

In-home Business Coverage Provides liability coverage for business that is conducted out of the home.

And More There are many coverage options available that may be right for you.

Properties Covered

Single Family Homes
Multi-Unit Housing
Rental Properties
New Construction
Seasonal Homes
And More

Companies Compared

The Hartford
And More

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